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Why do we recommend Anlin so much as a window product here at Fair Price Window Installation? There's a long answer and a short answer, but I'm gonna go with the short. Their quality is so high because of everything they put into the design of their windows and all the components they use; nothing is inexpensive.

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Window Types

When you're talking about vinyl windows, there is the rumor that all vinyl is the same. That is simply incorrect; you have good vinyl, you have great vinyl, and then you have horrible vinyl. The horrible vinyl will be the windows that you can readily pick up at any hardware store and pop into your house. That's not a very good vinyl; it's a very inexpensive vinyl that lacks titanium dioxide.

High-quality window manufacturers will use titanium dioxide in the vinyl blend to repel any UV rays from the window, especially outside, where most of the sun will come into contact with the window. You may have seen some replacement windows in the Stockton area with a kind of yellowing discoloration or a powdery look to the exterior instead of a nice sheen finish. That's the result of lousy quality vinyl. 

The best thing about Anlin is they use Cardinal glass. This type is the upper echelon of the glass world. They use the 366 Cardinal glass with an exterior coating for a triple low e standard. When you order you're window, it will come with a triple low e argon gas flooded inside. I think this is the best product for home window replacement, especially if you live in the Stockton area, where it gets long, hot summers.

Another great feature is their warranty. The warranty is what they call a real double lifetime warranty. Suppose you were to stay in your home for thirty years, you're going to have complete coverage of your window. be it glass breakage or components on the window, it's going to be covered for life, and there's never any labor charges.

The great thing about ordering Anlin windows from Fair Price Window Installation is that they are a smaller company. There are other companies out there, I hate to name drop, but you got Milgard and Pella. These are substantial window manufacturers, and they're known everywhere. Anlin, like us, is a small family-owned business, and everything is manufactured in California.

The way we treat our customers is not the corporate way. We treat our customers as an extended part of the family; we want to take good care of you. You took the time and spent some money on some new windows, so we want to return the favor by ensuring that you're happy with everything from the window design to any of the components. Small businesses tend to give a more personalized approach to customer service and quality control.

I hope that answers any questions about our preferred choice. If there's anything else I could answer, you can call us for a free in-home estimate at (209) 888-0934.

Window Types Product List

Casement windows in Stockton, CA

Casement Window

Casement windows are windows that swing out like a door instead of sliding from top to bottom or side to side.

Single-Hung Windows - Stockton CA


Single-hung windows, the bottom window goes up and down vertically and offers more glass area. They are also better at insulating your home because of their tight cavity track.

Double-Hung window - Stockton, CA


Double-hung windows, the top and bottom window slides open vertically. Also, the screen moves up and down.

Single slider window - Stockton, CA

Single Slider

On a single slider, only one side moves back and forth horizontally.

Double slider windows - Stockton, CA

Double Slider

On a double slider, both sides move back and forth horizontally.

Picture window in Stockton, CA

Picture Windows

Picture windows do not open. These windows offer more visibility due to no moveable sashes or hardware that would typically obstruct your view.

Geometric Windows - Stockton CA

Geometric Shaped Windows

Geometric windows include architectural shapes other than square—for example, half-rounds, French arches, trapezoids, and triangles.

Garden window - Stockton, CA

Garden Windows

Garden windows are great for kitchens and bathrooms. They make nifty shelves for plants and will brighten up any bathroom.

Bay-bow window - Stockton, CA

Bay & Bow

Bay windows have three panels, and Bow windows have four. They are great for creating a spacious environment and can be made with any combination of picture, double-hung, and casement windows.

Awning windows - Stockton, CA

Awning Style Windows

Awning type windows open from the bottom using a crank. They are typically hinged at the top.


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